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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bucks Break

Eying the return of Michael Redd from injury, I have witnessed both rookie sensation Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks as a whole hit a mini-skid (coinciding with higher quality opponents). Jennings is hitting 29% of his shots since Redd reappeared and the Bucks are 0-4 in that span.

Could it be that the team is having trouble integrating Redd back into the flow in the aftermath of BJ's ascension as the team's top dog? Or maybe Andrew Bogut is actually a very valuable piece of the puzzle after all.

Fortunately, if the season ended today, Milwaukee would still be good enough to earn a 6-seed in this year's NBA Playoffs thanks to the ghastly Eastern Conference. Until they clinch an actual spot, I suppose I will keep flipping by the games on TV only to be disappointed by the sight of Luke Ridnour playing instead of Jennings. I have had little luck in catching Jennings play this year.

Despite a good start to the season that has increased their chances of advancing to the playoffs, the Bucks are still far from a favorite, odds-wise. When browsing a sports book online betting site, I see that Milwaukee (+15,000) is still behind 20 or so teams when it comes to odds of winning an NBA title this year.

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