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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prospect Profile: Bronson Koenig

Bronson Koenig, PG
6'1" :: 165 lbs.
Class of 2013
La Crosse (WI) Aquinas HS
AAU: Wisconsin Playground Warriors

Scout: NR (PG)
Rivals: NR (PG)
ESPN/Scouts, Inc. grade: NR

2010 Honorable Mention All-State (AP)
2010 First Team All-Mississippi Valley Conference

Recent Press
6/16: Wisconsin offers basketball scholarship to Aquinas' Koenig - La Crosse Tribune
6/15: Wisconsin extends scholarship offer to Aquinas' Koenig -
3/16: Green Bay extends scholaship offer to Aquinas' Koenig -
3/13: Blair-Taylor senior plays shutdown defense against Aquinas -
3/6: Freshman Koenig scores 24 in a regional title game -
2/6: Blugolds turn up the heat on Rangers -

The Verbal
No verbal commitment

The Hype
Observations from the Wisconsin Dells NCAA Exposure Classic - (7/30/10)
Observations from the Hugh Roberts Classic - (5/17/10)
Pederson, Koenig help Aquinas rally past Fennimore - (3/16/10)
Aquinas' Koenig, Onalaska's Thomas make instant impact - La Crosse Tribune (2/26/10)
Koenig key for Aquinas in victory over Holmen - (12/15/09)

Interview: Bronson Koenig Interview (8/7/10) -

Freshman: 2009-10 (Aquinas) -

Additional Info
2010-11 Schedule :: La Crosse Tribune



  1. Bronson is an awesome player. However, he comes with some huge baggage that may cause him problems. If you've watched him play for any length of time, you know how he runs hot and cold and sometimes seems to not be in the game, doesn't seem to be enjoying it. Hopefully he can get it straightened out to be able to capitalize on his skills.

  2. He is a tool, trust me, I go to school with him.

  3. Marquette becomes the fourth school to offer Koenig: La Crosse Tribune

  4. This kid is weak. Benchin like 100 if he's havin a fantastic day...... Put the kid up against some real talent, he'd be eatin the ball for cereal.

  5. Remind again me how many points in basketball you get for the bench-press?

    As for competition, the kid garnered MVP honors in several AAU tournaments this summer, so these anonymous opinions sound incredibly biased. Post using your real name if you want to keep unfairly attacking a 15 yo.

  6. Bronson is ovbviously a great player if Wisconsin has taken great interest. And Im sure he can handle himself fine in AAU. He posted a 58-9 record with PGC this season and I'm sure no doubt that there was stiff competition. there will always be people that are jealous but he needs to keep his head up and play his game. He'll be just fine.

  7. he sucks i can dunk and he cant wow hes so bad.

  8. He's too weak if he can't bench 100pounds

  9. He's a tank i played against him

  10. Low pounds high reps= lean muscle mass=great hoop body--the above people ripping Brons are ignorant. I wonder if they have all the scholly's and the interest from so many high majors as he does. I think NOT.

  11. And oh yeah, the fool who said he can't dunk. Wow, right, left, one foot, two feet alley oops, he does it all way above the rim. Stupid jealous people who hate.

  12. He's an Indian he should be left on the reservation

  13. wow i take it you or your child were cut from the team or something - a little Jealous??????
    or do just have a problem with Ethnicity - if you know what that means.

  14. Whatever people. Can't we be happy for this young man who has been blessed with a talent and is utilizing it.

  15. u guys who hate are dumb asses he can play ball. I go to school with him and i can tell you that he is stronger than he looks

  16. i go to school with him and i'm pretty descent friends with him. he will surprise people this year. he has gotten a lot bigger and stronger. look out

  17. Can he bench 100 yet?

  18. Uh, had to delete that last comment. Let's keep it clean guys. Thanks.

  19. He is a good player. Saw him this last weekend...He is only a Sophomore...look out the next two years!

  20. My brother lives near Bronson and watches him play at school and at home, and says that this guy is a great ball player and to be so young...he's going to make Wisconsin proud. I hope he goes to Duke. Coach K will make him a Super Star.


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