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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Changes To The Recruiting List

Respected recruiting guru Van Coleman posted a write-up on CSTV concerning tons of players who participated in the Bill Hensley Memorial tournament last weekend. Among those were two Chicago players I recently removed from Wisconsin's 2008 target list (at right) -- C Michael Dunigan and SG Matthew Humphrey. C Angel Garcia will be the next name to fall off.

Dunigan has been impressive all spring, with all the heavyweight programs jumping on-board in his recruitment as UW goes unmentioned more and more in the discussion. As previously noted, Humphrey does not seem to be a good fit for a Bo Ryan-coached team. Coleman did list Wisconsin when discussing Dunigan's AAU teammate Josh Crittle. Crittle is a pretty high-profile power forward prospect who I had not heard connected to Wisconsin yet. Another new connection in the CSTV article was between the Badgers and Texas combo guard Willie Warren. Again, only heavyweights need apply in Warren's case. even has Warren listed as the top shooting guard of 2008.

Perhaps the apparent move away from the Chicago duo has created more time to scout guys like Crittle. Contrary to my own previous opinions, however, Iowa may be fertile ground again for Wisconsin. Grant Gibbs, out of Jason Bohannon's alma mater (Marion, IA's Linn-Mar HS) is being increasingly mentioned as a priority for '08, and L.A. Pomlee could fill the need for a power forward. The more I think about it, the more I'd like to see a solid big man sign for that class of Badgers.

In other "news", Wisconsin is the first school Coleman listed for sophomore Joseph Bertrand, yet UW is not listed at all for junior Iman Shumpert. Ah, the fickle world of Internet recruiting info ...

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Nick Fruendt of Batavia (IL) committed to Northwestern on Saturday. It was repeatedly reported that Fruendt desired to attend Wisconsin over any other school, for athletic and academic reasons. He must have grown tired of holding out for an offer which might never materialize.

It's good to see Wisconsin holding off, though. After all, we are talking about a scholarship earmarked for 2008. You see and hear some of the national basketball powers offering scholarships to every single top prospect around. Wisconsin itself has several scholarship offers on the table already for its priority targets. But there are limited spots available on any given team, so some players who get stars in their eyes while being courted end up out of luck down the line. A school like Wisconsin could potentially sweep back in on someone whom Bo's staff has been in touch with along the way. It's no fun being a safety net, but I'd sure be able to live with a Top 50 recruit falling into Wisconsin's lap. I can see the Badgers holding back on any additional offers through the entire summer as they wait for the perfect fit ... or Shumpert.

Maybe Fruendt is a guy who will play with a chip on his shoulder against the Badgers in the future. I'm okay with that -- it's Northwestern. We'll just have to wait and see.

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The well-rounded Jamil Wilson appears to be from solid lineage. Wilson's father has been a huge influence in developing this 16-year-old's versatile game. Wilson will resume his assault on the summer hoop circuit this weekend when his Wisconsin Playground Warriors team plays in the Arizona Cactus Classic.

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