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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still In The Dark

No official updates on Michael Flowers, but it has not even been a week since the announcement. Perhaps we'll hear something before the weekend. Flowers was spotted at the red/white scrimmage for the team photo.

The bogus rumor that Mike wants to join brother Jonte at Winona State has resurfaced, but no one's buying it since it makes no sense whatsoever. The word on the street is that this situation is more similar to Stiemsma's depression issues from a few seasons ago. Take all the time you need, Mike. Get right.

Although I have a good feeling about his return, losing Flowers for an extended period of time would be devastating. Last year, I felt his success drove the Badgers to another level. He was successful when he was getting in the lane, forcing teams to get out of their comfort zone on defense, playing on emotion and creating turnovers. Obviously I feel the same will be true this year on a team that lacks clear leadership.

Even if/when Flowers does rejoin the team, Trevon Hughes is the key to this year. Hughes has as much potential as any player on the team and his development is vital to the program. The local papers hit the issue hard last week, so it's safe to say the pressure is on the sophomore to produce.

: : :

Wishing the team wasn't in such a predicament led to thinking about the reasons why Wisconsin is lacking quality guard depth. It took research to refresh my memory, but I came to some conclusions that I hope to have posted later this week. Stay tuned.

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