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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Judgment Day in Bloomington?

EDIT (6:06 p.m. CT) - Andy Katz got the goods for ESPN indicating Kelvin Sampson has been bought out of his contract at Indiana. The Hoosier Scoop has the most up-to-date info and was attempting to broadcast the "press conference that never was" all afternoon.

Indiana may or may not hold a press conference at 1 p.m. CT, but it sounds like Kelvin Sampson is finished, probably through the suspension for termination route. The Hoosier Scoop is all over it.

Today and tomorrow are going to be much more distracting days for the Hoosier players than the night the allegations hit and the team played Wisconsin. For one thing, many of the players are pissed.

The Indianapolis Star has a copy of Sampson's contract on its website [pdf], which I was happy to peruse. The money spots are 6.02.B.4-6 & 10-14, which spell out reasons that could result in a just cause firing. The next sections (6.02.C & D) go on to outline how the university would go about such a course of action and what its financial responsibilities are to Sampson.

Personally, I like Section 5, where all Sampson's potential performance bonuses are spelled out. For instance, he's entitled to $20,000 for winning the Big Ten title or making the Final Four, but a whopping $40,000 for winning the Big Ten tournament!

Oops, looks like he won't be cashing in on any of those.

Boo hoo. Poor IU alum Dane Fife must be really upset now. He will probably blame the shocking upcoming loss to Northwestern on the situation, which would be more believable than the game Indiana dropped to Bucky.

I will update as soon as it is official.

: : :

- Ian Markolf's San Antonio Churchill team lost to crosstown rival Taft in the Texas state boys basketball tournament. Markolf had a very good first half before Taft took over. Is a redshirt season under Bo next?
- Interesting story on pairs of brothers in NCAA hoops. This would have been more relevant to Badger fans last year when Carl Landry was still at Purdue, but a good read nonetheless. Landry is coming along nicely for the Houston Rockets, by the way.

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