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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Wisconsin, 2007-08 Big Ten Conference Champions
... for the third time in head coach Bo Ryan's seven seasons at the helm. 'Nuff said.

Almost. I wanted to comment on the game's box score, since I missed the second half to play our city league hoops game (an overtime thriller!)

First of all, this is the kind of carnage (final score: 77-41) that you like to see from a team entering the postseason. Critics can only knock your schedule so often if you are beating conference foes by 30+ points. In a game where seemingly everyone played well, Michael Flowers deserves kudos for putting up nine assists, two steals and zero turnovers while pulling down eight rebounds. Phenomenal. In fact, the the Badgers had 17 assists as a team, which is very solid. It appears that Jon Leuer is still cold, but J-Bo is back on track from deep. Greg Stiemsma's minutes were very impressive as well.

From the scoreboard, you might expect a few more players to be in double figures scoring-wise, but as was the case year all year until this point, this was a classy, team effort. And Tanner hit his trey to boot! I've dogged Tanner a bit in the past, but what he did for the team was very commendable and his feel-good story is something the whole state should be proud of.

Senior Video Tribute:

And speaking of Flowers, enjoy this piece about Mike and Max Bass, courtesy of the Big Ten Network:


  1. Absolutely awesome game last night. Just plain stellar.

  2. Agree with your sentiment about pounding the downtrodded teams on your schedule. I would love to see a game like this in Evanston tomorrow, but it's always a struggle down there. Any win is fan by me, but a double digit win will keep this team in its current groove.


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