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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wisconsin Basketball Roster Origins Map

In a previous post I took up the task of mapping the states of origin for all the scholarship players currently on the Badger roster. The maps are a nice, quick way to view the composition of the team and I hope to keep up with a map for each new season (and maybe even previous ones).

Google Maps, however, gives you the ability to create interactive maps that are far more fluid and detailed. So I present to you the Wisconsin Basketball Roster origins map:

View Larger Map

Either a permanent link to the map or a smaller, embedded version of the map will be available in the sidebar in the recruiting section from now on, although I haven't decided which will work better yet (the embedded map may cause longer page-loading times). If you have suggestions regarding any of the recent maps, don't hesitate to add it via the Comments.

: : :

Removed the following prospects from the recruiting sidebar:
: : : Class of 2008
SF Isiah Nunn, Moline IL
F L.A. Pomlee, Davenport IA
: : : Class of 2009
SG Jacob Jenkins, Louisville KY
PG Chris Colvin, Chicago IL
PG Nick Russell, Arlington TX
F Jeronne Maymon, Madison WI
PG Johnnie Lacy, Milwaukee WI
PG Darius Smith, Chicago IL

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