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Monday, June 2, 2008

Diamond Taylor Video

The best part of starting this open threads project for Wisconsin's latest recruits is that it forced me to hunt down elusive material. Prior to this I had never seen video clips of Diamond Taylor ... at least any in which he was identifiable. Luckily, today I stumbled across video of a Coach Gene Pingatore's 800th win from back in December that includes footage a nifty baseline move by Taylor. I also found a collection of very short summer league clips, like the one embedded below. These are the kinds of thing you can find compiled on Taylor's Prospect Profile page.

Prospect profiles are now online for the last five preps to commit to Bo Ryan, which includes one from the upcoming freshman class. In the future, the green folder icon () next to any player listed in the Wisconsin recruiting sidebar will link to the open thread player page.

So far ...
2008: Ryan Evans
2009: Mike Bruesewitz | Diamond Taylor
2010: Vander Blue | Evan Anderson

- Has Northwestern become a player in recruiting? Nah ...
- Wisconsin was a "Near Miss" on Van Coleman's list of Top 40 (41) Recruiting Classes
- Mark Miller analyzes the top state players from the NY2LA Invitational at

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