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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adding New Features

I am trying out some new features on the website, as well as reminding everyone of some older content:

  • I just added the new 'Followers' widget from Blogger. So if you read Hoops Marinara, do me the favor of adding yourself via the Readers section in the right-hand column. Hopefully it adds some value to the blog. Thank you kindly ...

  • The first poll has been added along the right-hand side as well, an enhancement that was looooong overdue. Predictably, the first question I pose to you involves Bo Ryan's starting lineup this season.

  • The recruiting sidebar has been cleaned up. As the Badgers officially welcome their freshmen quintet, so too must the Class of 2008 give way to the Class of 2009 atop the recruiting front. The Roster Origins Map that resides there has also been updated for the new season. (Now with more Wquinton!)

  • If you think the UW Video Spotlight shows the same videos over and over, you are wrong. I update the search criteria every week or two to showcase a different past or present Badger baller. So keep checking in.

Consider this a call to arms for those casual readers out there. If you know of a good link that is relevant to Wisconsin, the Big Ten, college basketball or recruiting that you think would be a good addition to the blog roll, go ahead and suggest it, either through an email or a comment on a post. Hopefully the new polls will push the site to become a little more interactive as well.

: : :

"Retired" prospects from the recruiting sidebar:
: : : Class of 2008
Signed Letters of Intent: 5
Jordan Taylor, Minneapolis [v]
Jared Berggren, Princeton MN [v]
Robert Wilson, Garfield Hts OH
Ian Markolf, San Antonio TX
Ryan Evans, Chandler AZ

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