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Friday, April 10, 2009

Landry at Portsmouth; Bennett on the Radio

At the same venue where his older brother Carl really earned his first NBA paycheck, Marcus Landry is getting one shot to prove his worth too.

No one expects the NBA to start banging down Landry's door. He still lacks a profile on Though the goggled one shot only 5-of-14 from the field in his first action at the Portsmouth Invitational on Thursday night, he did manage 13 points & 7 rebounds (3 offensive) in 26 minutes. He took six 3-pointers, making a pair in the first half. By scouring the play-by-play, I see Landry missed a couple layups but did have a steal + finish in the second half while his team, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, was blowing the doors off the competition.

Landry's teammates include 6'6" B.J. Raymond (Xavier), 6'10" Alade Aminu (Georgia Tech) and another pair of 6'8" forwards. Statistically, Raymond was very efficient with 19 points, 4 treys and 3 steals. Physically, the former Musketeer has been knocked for his athleticism, but is of a similar build as Landry. So Landry will have his work cut out for him trying to outshine Raymond in this setting.

The team will play two more games this weekend. Marquette's Wes Matthews is also in Virginia, while Dominic James declined.

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One tidbit I forgot to post yesterday was an interview Lance Davis did with former Wisconsin head coach Dick Bennett on ESPN Radio's "The Badger Hour" a few days ago. According to Bennett himself, he has not followed the men's basketball team ... at all. He was caught up in watching teams out West, which is understandable, and even lending a hand with the Wisconsin women's team that his daughter Kathi helps coach now.

In the 22-minute interview, Bennett sheds some light on several subjects such as his relationship with both Roy Williams and Bo Ryan, Terry Porter's mental toughness, and Tony Bennett's new gig at Virginia. Bennett obviously supports Tony's move and believes the ACC is consistently the best basketball conference in the country. He also said he "will not rest" until Brad Soderberg gets another head coaching job. In retrospect, he is truly haunted by how his final season in Madison unfolded. For anyone familiar with Bennett, this is old hat, but it is almost scary how heavy that weighs on him to this day.

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