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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Future Starting Lineup

After the recent verbal from George Marshall, you can start to see what a Wisconsin starting lineup might look like in 2013 if you squint really hard. It just so happens that the five players signed or committed in the next two classes appear to fill up each of the five positions on the floor.

That means there is nothing stopping me from making wild assertions about who these high schoolers will end up playing like in college for the Badgers. So imagine with me for a moment the following starting five:

PG - Jordan Taylor (Marshall)
SG - Jake Kelley (Gasser)
SF - Kevin Coble (Dukan)
PF - Marcus Landry (Hodges)
C - Greg Stiemsma (Anderson)

It's an optimistic scenario that didn't take much time at all to come up with. That lineup is not too shabby -- a typical Bo Ryan team perhaps. Inevitably one or two guys will exceed expectations while one or two others fail to make the desired impact.

I struggled the most with the Marshall and Dukan comparisons. Taylor is bigger and stronger than Marshall, but Marshall has a strong reputation as a leader with a high basketball IQ, so I though JT applied. Size-wise, Travon Davis is a closer fit.

: : :

Removed the following prospects from the recruiting sidebar:
: : : Class of 2011
G Marquel Curtis, Minneapolis MN [+]
F Marvin Singleton, Minneapolis MN [e]
F Trevor Jorgenson, LaCrosse WI

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