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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Madness Is Everywhere

The 2011 NCAA Tournament begins tonight with two first round "don't call us play-in" games on truTV. The channel is just one of several networks in the CBS family that will carry live tournament action. For the first time, every game will be shown live -- that is 67 games on either CBS, TBS, TNT or truTV.

What's truTV you ask? Well, it is the network carrying Wisconsin's first game on Thursday. For Direct TV viewers, truTV is channel 246. Madison-based fans can get Direct TV to follow all your favorite sports teams. Direct TV had TruTV in HD all along, whereas Charter just recently added it to its lineup (and then added it in HD also).

With so many games being televised, your remote control may go haywire over the next couple of days. CBS Sports has you covered with a bracket detailing the game times and networks for each game.


  1. Actually, DirecTV also just added the HD feed (which is 246-1) for March Madness.

  2. Direct TV just added the feed for TruTV in HD. In fact it's only temporary for March Madness. After that who knows when they will add it full time. Working and subscribing to DISH I never had to worry about missing the games in HD. DISH has carried TruTV in HD for quite some time. I even get my HD channels free for life with DISH. I love it!

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