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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Coverage On UW's Final Piece

The Markolf story hit the pages today, with a lengthy write-up on The Capital Times website. It's good to see Howard Moore land his first recruit -- especially one that was on track to sign with recruiting hound Billy Gillispie -- whether the kid is from Chicago or not. You can tell he's more than relieved to get the monkey off his back. I wonder if he's read all the hissing on message boards ...

The best part about the commitment is that Wisconsin can now commit 100% of its recruiting effort toward the magical 2009 class. The fact that the '08 class now has two big men leaves plenty of PT available down the road for Bo, Moore, Greg Gard and Gary Close to dangle in front of the great swingmen looking to sign for '09.

Now, let's hope no one de-commits and runs away with Indiana before November's official signing period.

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Royce White, an '09 target from the vaunted Howard Pulley AAU program, is one of 40 players invited to the prestigious Nike Global Challenge at the end of the month. The same news page includes a summary of how a few other future Badgers from the Minnesota-based program have fared lately on the summer circuit.

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