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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Could It Be ... Yi?

I felt like I should get at least one post in during the month of August, even though it has been one of the busiest months of my life.

My plan to discuss some of the recent Badger basketball history and players over the course of the summer turned out to be a complete sham. As I found out, continually updating the site with recruiting info through the dry spell involves many unexciting rumors and wasn't nearly as worthwhile as I anticipated.

Luckily, the only news pertaining to Wisconsin basketball lately has involved the horrors of the Big Ten Network implementation. As of now, 11 of UW's 18 conference games are scheduled to be shown on the BTN. So if you don't have DirecTV, good luck catching every Badger game. Both the cable companies (like Charter) and the BTN can suck an egg.

More pertinent news came yesterday with a few roster moves that affect the Milwaukee Bucks. In Yi Jianlian's case, the calm came after the storm. Larry Harris and the Milwaukee brass quietly got the deal done that they had to get done. They even traveled to China (*gasp*) and it looks like everyone will save face. Even Yi's cute girlfriend.

As expected, however, Ruben Patterson moved on to greener pastures -- and warmer weather -- after having a career year with the Bucks last year. So in the course of one day, Milwaukee lost its best defender and took on another player who will perennially be in the running for "worst defender."


  1. Hey Phil, randomness: How do you know the non-rapping, non-shooting guard Mike Jones of UW fame? Im (Facebook) friends with him, and my feed says he's now friends with Phil Mitten, a name which I knew I recognized somewhere...

  2. that line is an oversight indeed, you're right; I was just caught up in how embarrassed I was to have the hook stuck in my head


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