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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Advantage: Madison

In the second of three consecutive games against in-state opponents, Wisconsin handled a smaller, more "athletic" team. Finally.

No, UW-Milwaukee is not good. However, the Badgers imposed their will on the Panthers last night and I, for one, could not be more delighted. Wisconsin pounded the ball in the post time and time again. So it is no surprise that Marcus Landry had his best game of the season, finishing with a game-high 16 points. And what's even better, the team took only seven 3-point attempts -- I only counted one being forced (by Trevon Hughes, no less). Torre Johnson was the only Panther to crack double-digits (10) in scoring.

Overall, Wisconsin shot the lights out in every aspect versus UWM [box score]. The Badgers forced the tempo all night long, resulting in a lower score than anticipated. Of course, the low score also pointed to the astounding 18 (!)turnovers the Badgers surrendered yet again. Just as ugly as ever, including four by Landry.

Hughes was guilty of several bad passes too, but I must say that he played very well. He was magnificent -- yes, magnificent -- at drawing defenders in the lane and making a tough pass look easy. I think the scorekeepers screwed Hughes by only giving him credit for three assists. I saw him drop a minimum of five dimes.

Finally, UW owned the glass. As it should. Brian Butch looked dominant at times inside and Mike Flowers appears to be all the way back after starting his second straight game.

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If you've watched high school sports in this state over the last decade or so, you've probably seen a number of teams adopt Wisconsin's "Motion W" logo. Well, if you are a college or university that did so, look out. A week ago, the University of Wisconsin filed its first trademark infringement lawsuit regarding the now famous emblem.

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