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Sunday, December 9, 2007

On and Off Campus ...

I'm linking to the BadgerNation message board for a neat thread about a number of ex-Badgers playing professional basketball overseas.

So even though Alando Tucker got sent down to the D-League recently, it could be worse: he could be struggling in Austria. Yes, Kirk Penney is still the mack, but you have to wonder about the quality of a league in which J-Cheezy averages 12 ppg.

: : :

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt will be delivering the winter commencement address this term at the University of Wisconsin. Van Pelt, a Maryland grad, was flattered and astounded by the honor.

Not too scholarly or ambitious a choice by the selection committee, but fun all the same. For comparison sake, my commencement speaker was an investment banker of some sort who had played for the Chicago Bears. Trust me, that was a boring speech. Jerry Zucker, of Airplane! fame, blew them all out of the water the following year with a hilarious address.

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