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Monday, January 14, 2008

Around the Brackets

Wisconsin's extended break from competition will come to an end tomorrow when they play at Penn State. Add Michigan State's horrific loss to Iowa to the recent St. Louis debacle and UW's own nightmare against Duke looks slightly more acceptable. Not to mention Wisconsin's entire Dick Bennett Era. How has Roy Williams managed to contain himself?

Indiana and Wisconsin are now the final two teams still undefeated in Big Ten play. Over at, Joe Lunardi has moved the Badgers into a #3 seed in this week's Bracketology. Wisconsin joins Indiana and Marquette on the 3-Line, with Texas A&M. I eagerly anticipate next week's update of the Lockbox at The Bracket Board (love the lime green!), where there Badgers were a #4 seed 10 days ago.

If you are interested in such things, The Bracket Matrix attempts to track all relevant NCAA Tournament projections together in a grid format and reach a consensus. Wisconsin is a #4 here as well.

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