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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the Stove Top: Links Edition (1/22)

- We know Wisconsin's schedule has been incredibly easy to start Big Ten play, but you take what you are given. Starting 5-0 (likely 6-0 after tonight's game) has given the Badgers an average projected tournament seed of three, according to the Bracket Matrix.

- As UW continues to look at adding a wing player to its 2008 recruiting class, the Capital Times shoots us an update on Isiah Nunn, a late-bloomer from Moline, IL that the Badgers are very interested in.

The lack of a player like Nunn on the current roster makes it easy to get excited about him donning the red and white. However, spending a fifth scholarship on an '08 freshman has me worried about what kind of talent Wisconsin might let slip away in 2009, when plenty of kids within a few hours drive from Madison have Top 100 talent (see recruiting sidebar).

That complaint has been voiced a million times over on message boards, but this one silver lining is usually glossed over: in a program where Bo Ryan values senior leadership and four years of development on and off the court, think about what he could do with a talented five-man class. The years of 2010-2012 could be national championship-caliber with Taylor, Wilson, Berggren, Markolf and an athlete like Nunn in the same class.

- Back to starting 5-0 ... upon further review, it is not so unheard of to have five different players lead the team with 20 or more points in consecutive games. In fact, in the Big East, Providence and Seton Hall both have done it this year. As Rob Schultz notes at the end of his piece about Nunn, though, neither of those teams accomplished the feat during the conference portion of their schedule.

- Can Jason Bohannon or Joe Krabbenhoft pull a Leuer to continue the trend tonight at home against Michigan? The Wolverines may not be at full strength.

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