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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thoughts On Team USA

I thoroughly enjoyed the Redeem Team's performances in Beijing. The national team's success was much more gratifying knowing that teams like Spain and Argentina are absolutely loaded with talent -- NBA talent -- and (usually) play like it.

Ironically, it was pointed out that after winning the gold medal, Team USA actually dropped to second in the FIBA world rankings behind bronze medalist Argentina. So America's return to the top of the international heap does not come without a touch of controversy. Even so, TrueHoop looks ahead terrificly to see how Team USA can stay on top of its game as a national institution. For what it's worth, both our U19 and U18 teams took home silver mdeals recently.

Did you know that newly-acquired Milwaukee point guard Luke Ridnour is still listed on the national team's 30-man squad. That makes two players now from the lowly Bucks. Hilarious. As TrueHoop's Henry Abbott speculates on the future look of Team USA's roster, he fails to mention one particular speedy former Badger.

I am wondering why Devin Harris would not get a sniff from Jerry Colangelo & Co. over someone like Ridnour or Kirk Hinrich. Harris has world-class ball-in-hand speed and is a very capable defender. Though he remains slight of frame and might get banged up in international play, I suspect we will see Harris get an opportunity soon enough as the powers that be shuffle the 30-man squad.

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree about Devin. The other day I was mentally going through who the next point guards would be in line after Williams and Paul once they stop asking Kidd to be part of this team, and Devin was easily on the short list. Maybe they're worried he'll get banged up in physical international play or that he doesn't shoot well enough, but to me he's as good a candidate as any.

    Ridnour? Come on Jerry!


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