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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

UW (Finally) Releases Schedule

Wisconsin has been slow to unveil its complete men's basketball schedule for the upcoming season due to television coverage intricacies, but now we have the real deal: 2008-09 Wisconsin basketball schedule.

The Badgers will appear on the ESPN family of networks at least nine times this season, with the opportunity to increase the number to 13, according to the schedule. A number of tip-off times at the end of the Big Ten slate are still flexible, which could affect how much national exposure the team will get. If a conference title is on the line, you can bet that the Feb. 22 match up with Michigan State will be a nice candidate to get picked up as a nooner by CBS.

I am still baffled by the decision to put the Marquette game on ESPNU. No matter how you slice it, that will be a big game and ESPNU is the pits. I get the same vibe from ESPN pushing its "U" channel that I get from David Stern pushing the WNBA.

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