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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Borrowing From The Neighbors

The overall amount of major Division 1 talent in Wisconsin might not compare to Minnesota every year, but it's getting better. And while many highly skilled prospects have left the Badger State in recent years, very few of them wind up playing for our western neighbors. Unfortunately for Gopher fans, the fact that you cannot say the same for Minnesota is a topic that has been beaten into the ground.

In anticipation of tomorrow's border clash between Wisconsin and Minnesota, here's a look at the contributions of each team's respective "traitors" this season:

Allow me to remind you that Bostick missed the first six games of the season due to a suspension and Leuer has missed the last nine games due to injury. So the percentages in the table above are actually lower than they ought to be because they are based on total team minutes, not the net available minutes for each player.

Spicy Links:
- Some Minnesota bloggers are imploring the fan base to stay on the bandwagon and consider how poorly the team was doing before Tubby Smith arrived. I found one of the comments underneath the article the most interesting. Not having paid much attention to the Goofs this season, apparently they have had a lot of trouble closing out games. Sounds like Wisconsin last year. Even though Minnesota is headed for the NIT, I think this group could be a surprise team next year if they get tougher mentally and expectations are down to earth.
- did another quick review of former Badger ballers that are playing professionally.

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