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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Knicks Call Up Center from Double-A Lexington

First, a tangent. Congrats to Alando Tucker for being named to the AP's All-American First Team on Monday. Shame on those eight writers who did not vote Tucker a first-teamer on their ballots. Judging from the vote tallies, 'Do will also come up short in the Player of the Year voting. He had the second-highest vote total behind Kevin Durant, who was a unanimous selection. No matter. It is a great honor to cap Tucker's fantastic season.

As for the New York Knicks, their latest signing reminds me of an NHL move. Instead of junior hockey, however, the newest Knickerbocker comes directly from college basketball. Randolph Morris just completed his junior season with the Kentucky Wildcats, leading the team in points, rebounds and blocks. Morris was one of Tubby Smith's most highly-touted recruits at Kentucky, but never developed into a dominant college player. He declared for the draft after his freshman season, but was not selected. The 6'11" Morris became a free agent, as an NBA rule barred him from re-entering the draft.

Techinically, Morris could have signed with any team at any point in the past two seasons. Only the Knicks -- they of infinite wisdom, unmatched desperation, and boundless bankroll -- found a need for the middle-of-the-road big man this soon. Although Morris did not play in Monday's game, he could conceivably play for New York any day now. I'll admit that Morris doesn't quite seem to fit in with the rest of New York's roster. No, not his age (several Knicks are only a year and a half older). Could it be? Oh yes, his forthcoming 2007 salary! C'mon Isaiah, throw the guy a bone!

For some reason I'm fascinated by this unique occurrence. I surprised this hasn't happened sooner, specificly involving a young guard who has declared too early. It would not surprise me at all to see a situation like this happen again in the next 5-6 years involving a more high-profile player. All it would take is some bad advice from someone a rising basketball star trusts. The hoops universe has plenty of that unfortunately. Just imagine the kid going undrafted and then somehow working harder and blowing up the next season. If more than one NBA team ran into significant injuries during the playoff push, *POOF* ... you have a bidding war.

More good stuff:
- Rick Pitino has no interest in returning to Lexington. Top candidates are listed.
- If you thought UW's season ended badly, see the incredible video of how it ended for Michael Flowers' brother Jonte and another LaFollette alum in the NCAA D2 Championship Game.
- I told you so: the Badger women are the Wolverines of the WNIT. Michigan is jealous. Ed. note: UW won, then lost in the finals.
- Madison's Abundant Life scores mild postseason honors, Memorial sweeps awards: Boys and Girls All-City Teams (commit the name Marquis Mason of Madison East to memory).

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