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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tip-off Time Y'all

The WIAA Boys Basketball State Tournament beat the NCAA tourney to the punch, tipping off after 9 am today. Turn the radio dial to 1070 AM in Madison for the call. Division 3 is loaded this year, with 2003 champion LaCrosse Aquinas leading Manitowoc Roncalli in the first game at the Kohl Center after three quarters, 34-28. Defending D3 champ Racine St. Catherine's (who also won a D2 title in 2005) plays Eau Claire Regis in the division's other semifinal.

If you are observant, you notice that all four are private schools from larger metropolitan areas. Don't think that fact didn't ruffle some feathers. Having experienced first-hand the venom spat back and forth between public and private fan bases, I don't see this debate going away any time soon.

In other unfortunate state tournament news, Madison Memorial and Milwaukee Vincent must face off in the D1 quarterfinals.


  1. I don't remember any outcry when the ALCS girls got run off the court ....

    ...actually, come to think of it, did they lose to another private school?

  2. Yes. Eau Claire Regis.

    I guess our so-called "recruiting" didn't help us in the end.


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