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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sour Sixteen

With all my tournament brackets officially busted, it's time to handicap the Sweet 16. A second chance - huzzah!

(1)Florida v. (5)Butler
winner: Florida
(3)Oregon v. (7)UNLV
winner: Oregon

(1)Kansas v. (4)S. Illinois
winner: Kansas
(2)UCLA v. (3)Pittsburgh
winner: Pittsburgh

(1)N. Carolina v. (5)USC
winner: N. Carolina
(2)Georgetown v. (6)Vanderbilt
winner: Georgetown

(1)Ohio State v. (5)Tennessee
winner: Tennessee
(2)Memphis v. (3)Texas A&M
winner: Texas A&M

(1)Florida v. (1)Kansas
winner: Kansas
(2)Georgetown v. (3)Texas A&M
winner: Texas A&M


Is that possible? It is a risky proposition to put your faith in Bill Self at tournament time. When I look at Kansas, I see a team with at least five future NBA players. More importantly, the Jayhawks have supremely talented players that play very good defense. I will ignore the fact that Kansas has no seniors on their entire roster.

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