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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Meet Me In St. Louis

Rick Majerus is back in the game, baby!! I'm remaining moderately composed only because the big guy has been known to change his mind before. Regardless, his hiring means I no longer have to suffer through his periods of excruciating babble on Big Ten telecasts. Sure, over time I will probably grow to miss the occasional "O-ffense" reference, but for now, I will celebrate with a double-stacker ham and cheese sandwich.

Do yourself a favor and check out this spectacular archive of Majerus quotes. If only he was that entertaining on the air ...

I found it odd that Brad Soderberg got dumped for Majerus when that is precisely what Wisconsin intended to do back in 2001 when it let Soderberg go. Also, Majerus (a Sheboygan, WI native) got his head coaching start at Marquette, which like St. Louis, is a Jesuit Catholic university. We all know Majerus as the long-time Utah coach, which got me asking myself one question: does Rick Majerus enjoy maintaining a personal basketball rivalry with Mormons? Utah and BYU are bitter rivals, and the Catholic-Mormon angle is a cheap rivalry that journalists can drum up every time. I hope the Billikens schedule the Cougars soon.

Lastly, are there any Wisconsin fans out there worried that Majerus might try to lure Trevon Hughes to transfer to St. Louis? He sure buttered him up during every Badger game. Maybe no one told Trevon about it. But seriously, that's one heck of a man crush.

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