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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

State of the Site

You'll notice two things about the website these days. One, I replaced the generic blog header with a title banner -- which I will tinker with constantly over the next few weeks (and I welcome all comments and suggestions). Secondly, The Google video search bar has been moved front and center to the sidebar for better visibility and usability. In order to make it worthwhile, I will need to change the search keywords every once in a while to avoid lame videos. But if you missed the Free Ticket episodes, Marinara's got you covered. "All Access 4"? Tell me you don't love Bo Ryan, the greatest snake oil salesman of all-time.

Expect a recruiting post very soon. AAU season is in full swing, which means Badger prospects are in full bloom. The spring is the time for kids to earn their (full ride) money. Early reports are that Wisconsin was the first to offer a scholarship to Royce White, yet another Minnesota product. White is a 6'6" swingman from Minneapolis in the Class of '08 who has been impressing on the circuit. UW has had decent luck offering early to Twin Cities-area recuits (Kam), so Badger fans should keep an eye out for this guy. White plays on the same Howard Pulley team as Jordan Taylor and Jarred Berggren, who are both committed to Wisconsin for 2007.

A late run on Pittsburgh native D.J. Kennedy might be a stretch for Wisconsin, but Bo and Co. are at least in the conversation, according to Maybe Bo's old Chester, PA connections will pan out. Incidentally, Kennedy's Schenley team defeated Chester in the Pennsylvania Class AAAA championship this past season.

: : :

Check out the voice on this chap talking with Kam Taylor for a recent Sirius radio interview, circa the NCAA tournament. Unreal. Like in a Muppet sort of way. "Wisconsin guard KAAAm Taylor here ... you're a bAAAsketball player."

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