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Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Text Message" is a Verb

As mentioned a week ago, the recruiting practice of text messaging has been under the microscope. Now, the NCAA has officially banned coaches from text messaging recruits, closing a technological loophole. It's about time. The story details how the athletes themselves dislike the aggressiveness of the method. Imagine waking up with 52 unread messages!!

Putting the ban into place starting in August should curtail the abuse by some of the slimier coaches. Hmmm ... Tom Crean loves to text, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's preview piece yesterday in anticipation of the change. In a way, those coaches were smart to exploit the loophole as long as they could (a la the "Bret Bielema rule" revisions in college football). However, it only takes a second to see the kind of hounding that the top prospects must have endured. Not everybody wants that much attention.

Speaking of cell phone technology, let's have one more look at my favorite hands-free device.

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